27 February, 2011


Three storys about people encountering death and how this affects their lives.

Normally, I'ld have high expectations for a Eastwood movie, but for this, they were rather low. It was a little bit boring, I have to admit, but in the end I felt quite satisfied. It was not a bad movie at all, slow yes, but very interesting. Although it is a shame you don't get to know the characters better, because you don't really get a feeling of compassion. My two cents.

The Green Hornet

Having lost his father, Britt Reid, heir to his fathers company and fortune, decides to become a superhero and fight evil, but pretends to be a villain himself. Together with his sidekick Kato, a former assistant to his father, he starts to take over the city step by step, thus threatening the power of top villain Chudnowsky.

What starts out as a promising comedy/action movie, soon becomes a Seth Rogen self-aggrandizement. His character is so annoying and self-centered that you can't help but hate this guy. The plot is stupid, implausible and has more holes than Swiss cheese. Not even Christoph Waltz can save this abomination. This movie is not so bad it's good, it is just bad. My two cents.

Jackass 3D

Johnny Knoxville and the guys are back to try out new dumbass stunts that no normal human being would ever think about doing. Equipped with 3D Cameras, the well known Jackass crew from the correspondent MTV series start off in their third full-blown movie.

Lots of puke, lots of pain, lots of feces and hell of a lot of fun. What can I say, it's Jackass all over again and it's pretty damn entertaining. If you are easily disgusted on the other hand, stay away from this movie. My two cents.

24 February, 2011


A terrorist hides three nuclear bombs in the USA and threatens to detonate them on a certain point of time if his demands are not fulfilled. A black-ops unit captures him shortly after the announcement and presses him to reveal the locations of the bombs.

Not your average terrorist movie, that's for sure. More like a merciless intimate play that leaves you horror-struck betweenwhiles. Be prepared for some explicit torture and inhumanity but the reward is a more-than-solid story and the question who's the relentless terrorist after all. My two cents.

The Next Three Days

Lara and John Brennan's suburban life gets turned upside down after Lara is accused of having murdered her boss. Facing 20 years in prison John decides to take matter into his own hands and break his wife out of jail.

What starts out as a promising plot soon turns into a series of longueurs spiced up with some decent action. Sure, the movie picks up speed towards the end, the story is all in all pretty good, the characters are actually quite credible, but 20 - 30 minutes less would have done the movie good. My two cents.