14 March, 2011


A self-aware tire discovers his destructive telepathic powers. It starts to live out its sadistic tendencies in a small desert town.

Wow.. that movie was damn strange. I mean.. a whole plot about a sadistic tire? But it kinda worked. I was entertained and in a way, the movie was quite funny. But don't expect to find any reason in this story. My two cents.

04 March, 2011

TRON: Legacy

Looking for his father, a reputed to be dead computer genius, Sam Flynn gets teleported in the digital world, his father once created. Finding himself in a futuristic yet barbarian world full of modern gladiator fights and merciless security forces, he finds out that his father is still alive.

I'm not the biggest Sci Fi fan, I have to admit. But this movie is pretty awesome. The visual effects are stunning, the score is terrific and even the story isn't too bad. First time director Joseph Kosinksi did a great job and one can only be curious what's to come next. My two cents.